Ashley Marie & Joshua

June 21, 2024
Dreams Riviera Cancun
Cancun, Mexico

Ashley Marie

June 21, 2024
Dreams Riviera Cancun
Cancun, Mexico

Our Love Story

How did you meet?
Like most people our age, we "met" on bumble. It was love at first swipe.

Who made the first move?
After going back and forth about which one of us made  the first move, we came to the conclusion that Josh did. We had a short debate on if swiping first or messaging first was considered the first move and it turns out its the first swipe.

What first attracted you to each other?
Ash here: For me it was his eyes. Josh quickly caught on to that when he would catch me no longer paying attention to what he was talking about because I was literally "lost" in his eyes. Apparently I make a certain face when this happens lol 
Josh: For me it was the sheer genuineness in which she approached getting to know me. I felt like she truly wanted to know who I was and I absolutely loved that. 

What is your favorite memory with each other?
Josh: My favorite memory, or the memory that first comes to mind, is when we rode the ferris wheel at the beach and looked out onto the ocean after dinner in South Padre Island.
Ash: So same trip but my favorite memory is a little later that night. After dinner, we meet up with our friends who were back at the beach. When the night started to dwindle down and everyone returned back to the beach house, Josh and I stayed back. With no one around us, we played our favorite song on our phone (which will be our first dance song) and danced under the moonlight. Then we took a walk along the water. It was the night I think we both knew, this was it. 

What is your favorite way of spending time together?
Ash: It would have to be cooking together. Every year on our anniversary we make gnocchi from scratch, its my favorite tradition we started. Cant wait to share that with our kids. (In several years from now)
Josh: My favorite thing to do with her is when we read together in the hammock. 

How did you get engaged?
Ash: Josh asked and I said yes.
Joshua: After being slightly annoyed with me for taking too long to be ready for the picture I got down on one knee and had to make sure she did not fall backwards into the fountain.
Ash again: In my defense, he was taking forever to take the picture :) 

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